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Welcome to the Northwest Sport Shooting
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2012, February 1st -- I started this project about two years ago as a way of viewing/comparing the scores from various local matches. Since I found it useful I decided to make it public so the other shooters would also be able to use it. It has also become a way for clubs who may not have their own website to post their scores online for their shooters to see.

I have been shooting USPSA for about two years now. I am a casual shooter without any real ambition to be at the top of the leaderboards anytime soon, but I am working to get better and imrpove my personal performance. I find the way I have set up this site allows me to see how I have performed over time to see if I am getting better or worse. Also, it allows me to quickly see how the people I am being ranked near have been performing.

I try to get the original scores files from each club as soon after a match as I can, but be aware of a couple of things:

  1. This is not an "official" site so there is no established procedure that guarantees I get the scores for each match. In large part I rely on the generosity of each club's match director to remember to email the scores to me, or I have to watch the various club websites and get the score text files from there and reformat them to upload to this site.
  2. I maintain this site as part of my hobby and sometimes life and/or work outside of shooting takes precedence and I can't get to uploading scores as quickly as I would like to.

For more information on USPSA affiliated clubs and events in the Willamette Valley and Central Oregon check out the Columbia Cascade Section website at

Northwest Sport Shooting Logo Also, to connect with other area shooters and to share tips, experiences, techniques, news and more. Visit the Northwest Sport Shooting forum at

I would love to hear your comments about this Match Scores Viewer so if you would like to give me feedback or input please contact me on the Northwest Sport Shooting site.

Straight Shooting!

-- Bruce Walker

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